You can't train your best if you don't feel you best!  Fitness starts from the inside out, primary in your gut, the body's second brain.  Opto Biotics promotes a healthy digestive tract by adding good bacteria, namely probolics.  These probiotics also support a healthy immune system, but to really pack a health punch, we have added vitamin C and beta-glucans to stimulate your immune system even furhter.

Opto Biotics

  • Opto Biotics is full of natural ingredients that work with your body to help your digestive and immune system work more efficiently.  This chewable probiotic supplement contains acidophilus which helps balance potentially harmful bacteria that can otherwise flourish in the gut while aiding in the absorption of nutrients.  Beta-glucans play a significant role in helping your body fend off illnesses while citrus bioflavonoids work to neutralize free radicals.  Immune and digestive health is essential for maintaining energy and feeling your best. 

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