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You've pushed your physical limits to the max, now begins the recovery process.  OPTO XCEL-2 re-saturates your blood and muscle cells with nutrients after intense training to initiate the rebuilding and recovery phase.

Opto Xcel-2

  • OPTO XCEL-2 is an advanced protein recovery supplement to refuel your body following intense training.  The Rapid Absorption Cell Volumizer transports essential nutrients and re-saturates the blood with an Optimum 3:1 Ratio Fast and Slow Absorption Protein Matrix, allowing the body to recover faster while replenishing lost glycogen and promoting lean muscle.


    Loaded with 50 g of protein, essential amino acids, BCAA's from protein, L-Glutamine, amylocel, and more, all designed to rebuild your muscles stronger and better than before, getting you closer to your goal.