The same fat shredding power as original Shreds, minus the stimulants!

If you are someone who is intolerant to caffeine and stimulants or train at night, Shreds PM makes sure you don't miss out on any pre-workout power.  It is designed to improve athletic performance and to help you push your body to the limits at any time of the day.

Train harder and longer for impressive performance and incredible results.  Use this delicious formula for 10 days to cycle off Shreds original or Drive before resuming.

Shreds PM

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  • ICON SHREDS PM is the most advanced, stimulant-free fat shredder in its class. Its ultimate pre-workout matrix dramatically increases stamina and strength while sharpening your cognitive functions so you can achieve your desired shredded physique. The powerful rush you feel is the result of carefully and scientifically formulated ingredients that will effectively intensify your workouts. Our matrix contains safe, proven ingredients but leaves out any stimulants and caffeine, so you can push yourself longer and harder at any time of the day. Utilize the natural energy from the B complex to enhance your mood and stimulate your immune system.


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