Slim and Cleanse is a gentle but effective formula that works with your body's metabolism to help eliminate waste and toxins and relieve occasional bloating and constipation, all while melting unwanted body fat.  Feel great on the inside, look great on the outside!

Slim and Cleanse

  • Slim & Cleanse is a healthy and effective way to manage your weight while detoxifying your body. Using only natural, stimulant-free ingredients, this formula you will have you seeing excess fat melt away. While working to unclog the digestive system and releasing undigested food residue, harmful toxins will also be expelled from the body.  The more toxins and chemicals that accumulate in fat tissue, the more fat the body manufactures. Slim & Cleanse is designed to rid you of the pollutant build- up and target fat tissue, not lean muscle.  You will start feeling rejuvenated as it soothes your stomach.

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